Five Common Empath Signs


Empaths feel all emotions profoundly and keenly. If an empath isn’t aware of their ability, they could turn into an “angst-sucking sponge,” letting the negatives of the world cloud their internal environment. Empath signs thrive in loving, peaceful and calm situations, and if you are one, you have to make an effort to find personal space that embodies these attributes. If you’re in doubt and want to be sure of it, here are five empath signs that you are indeed.

You are in tune with other people’s feelings

One primary reason that makes an empath’s life challenging is their ability to assimilate the feelings of those around them. They are in tune with the emotions of those around them, even though many of them are unaware of it. They will naturalize strange feelings into their mind and body and like sponges, and suck up the good and the bad indiscriminately. This can lead to empaths taking other peoples sadness, anxiety, sorrow, joy or exhilaration as if it was their own. It is one reason why they tend to avoid any form of cruelty, be it in horror movies, news, or novels.

If you are an looking for empath signs, you need to work on your intuition more. An intuitive empath is so in tune with their inner feelings that they can differentiate between what is foreign and what was initially theirs. By creating a controllable permeable barrier between your internal world and the external one, you can let these two worlds merge if you wish to do so. You can also extricate yourself out when you need to do so, for the sake of your sanity and health.

Because of the massive amount of emotions that the signs of empath can sense, you need to learn how to take good care of yourself. You should learn to rest and how to channel your abilities for good. You make an excellent listener because of your empathic nature, but you need to be on the lookout for inconsiderate people who will thrive at taking advantage of your character.

You dislike large crowds

Empaths are very high on extrasensory abilities, and they can sense what other people are feeling. In the empath’s world, every word, interaction, emotion or intention is characterized by its specific frequency and has a corresponding effect on the empath’s internal environment. That’s why being in the middle of large crowds, party, a busy mall or a stadium can be a very overwhelming experience.

Because of your ability to sense and absorb this external energy, you can take on the chaotic nature of the crowd you are in the midst of, which may lead to claustrophobia and a need to be alone.

You are a natural lie detector

Empaths sings are highly intuitive and can finely pick through the mundane and subtle aspects of the human body language to tell when a person is honest or dishonest. You may find yourself unable to explain why you think the person is lying, but you have a ‘knowing’ that you’re right.

You love the underdog

The empath signs has a lot of empathy for all living things, and their ability to feel what others are feeling in their bodies makes their empathic nature all-consuming. They don’t like competitive situations because they’d prefer that everyone wins, and that everyone is equally happy.

If you hate to see people lose and more so the experience of the negativity of emotions that come with loss, then you have an empathic trait in you.

You are drawn to healing and artistic professions

Many empaths signs are drawn to careers where they can apply their broad sense of love and empathy for people. Empath signs thrive in human or animal rights activism, medicine, alternative and spiritual arts, social work, teaching, counselors or as caretakers.

Others thrive in expressive art environments making great musicians, poets, actors, artists or dancers. It’s of interest that though empaths love the healing professions, many of them abandon it with time. The reason for this outcome lies in their ability to take on too much of what they are trying to heal from other people, rendering them inadequate, especially if they’re unaware of their empathic nature.


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