Five Signs You’re Dating A Highly Sensitive Person


Highly sensitive people constitute at least 20% of the human population. This implies that at least 34% of relationships will involve dating a highly sensitive person. Besides being highly misunderstood by non-HSPs, data shows that HSPs are often much less happy in relationships because they tend to sense every subtlety in a relationship, demanding and expecting more depth, and stressing over every nuance of trouble. Love relationships between two HSPs do fare much better because they have a common middle ground, an understanding of how deeper they sense and feel every emotion.

On the brighter side, they make the most passionate and compassionate lover there is because they are the most empathetic people on the planet. It is incredible to be loved by a highly sensitive person, but how do you identify if the person you’re dating is one?

They are constantly feeling to dating a highly sensitive person

A 2014 study on the working of the highly sensitive person’s brain showed that when exposed to imagery of emotional individuals, they have considerably more activity in the regions associated with empathy and awareness than in non HSPs.

Dating a highly sensitive person are neurologically wired to be naturally intuitive. They will pick up on subtleties in a conversation, a pub, or a room full of people. They sense mood shifts, quippy remarks and the tone of your voice. Your partner will at times sense your feelings, and when you’re upset or happy, they will be too.

Because of the magnetism they have towards emotions and moods that aren’t of their own, they may get moody pretty fast. There may be moments of extreme exhilaration followed by a fast downslide of negative emotions, depending on your loved one’s social or physical environment.

Their decision-making process is slow

If you’re dating a highly sensitive person, you will realize that they might have had trouble deciding if to date you for example, or where to go for dinner tonight. Your highly sensitive date’s brain is hard-wired to weigh out all risk versus reward of any decisions they have to make.

It takes a long time for a highly sensitive person to make a decision. It might look wishy-washy to most people, but it’s important to understand that they analyze all their choices thoroughly and don’t like to feel pressured or rushed while doing so. Once they make their decision though, they follow through to the utmost and are usually very hard on themselves when that decision turns out to be a wrong decision.

They will not enjoy your favorite slasher flick

If your perfect Netflix and chill binge idea involves going through the comprehensive Alien series of movies, your highly sensitive date will most likely be entirely out of tune with you. Because they experience high levels of empathy, they get overstimulated at imagery involving pain, death, sorrow, blood, and gore, to the point of utter dismay.

They are attentive and pleasant to be around

dating a highly sensitive person are extremely conscientious, considerate and well-behaved. Most of the time, HSPs are attuned and careful about how they treat others. They will be compassionate about your feelings and support you when you going to dating a highly sensitive person.

If you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to vent to, you will realize that they come to mind first. Being excellent listeners and empathetic, they might expect the same from you, and feel very disappointed when you don’t replicate this because they might not realize you process emotions differently.

They might not enjoy that noisy rock concert

Dating a highly sensitive person get very uncomfortable when exposed to sounds that are too loud and boisterous, lights that are too bright, and also find too much social interaction a tad draining. If you to take a HSP to a concert, ensure that they get enough time to recoup from the buildup of stress in their bodies.


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