Five Ways to Thrive As a Highly Sensitive Person


The world today is moving at a frenetic pace. It is getting louder, more boisterous, and the element of personal space is shrinking by the day. This does not bode well for highly sensitive person, whose nervous system naturally picks on all this noise, which sometimes affects them negatively. Highly sensitive person are more prone to being nervous to fall in love and taking big steps in life, such as marriage.

Studies have shown that high sensitivity in humans correlates to higher chances of stress and other related health problems. Below are some ways to thrive in a world that just can’t keep calm.

Have a ‘safe’ place to rest.

Highly sensitive person can easily feel overwhelmed by the environment they’re in. The easiest way for them to let off that negative stimuli is to find some means of escape from it all, and catch some rest while at it. Long-term isolation isn’t recommended, but short-time spans where you can recharge, refresh and then come back can be highly beneficial.

If you force it on yourself to be highly social or overwork, you risk ending up with some chronic illness when you’re older due to a lack of self-care. It’s advised that having that downtime away from excessive stimulation will make you more productive in the long run. Remember that rest is not synonymous with ignoring your duties, it is doing something. Rest like you mean it.

Learn how to calm your body

Learn how to view your highly sensitive person nature in a positive rather than negative light. Try the reframing technique, to remind yourself of the positive traits of your personality trait by focusing on your positive attributes.

A quick way to soothe yourself is to take some slow, long deep breaths that enable your system to relax. This helps you calm your heart rate, naturally ‘breathing’ out the tension and relaxing your frazzled nerves and senses.

You can also try to look yourself from a third person perspective to help you get a better handle on yourself when overstimulated by either a social or physical situation. Dr. Elaine Aron, a psychologist and the author of The Highly Sensitive Person, encourages the highly sensitive person to try some mindful meditation. While it will assist you to calm down, it will help you see the bigger picture by enabling you to step back and get some perspective on the issues bothering you.

 Stop before the last straw.

According to Psychology Today, you should learn to avoid burnout by paying attention to its symptoms such as anxiety and feelings of getting overwhelmed. Just like a car has an orange light when running low on fuel, these are signs that your stamina needs a recharge too. Establish your boundaries and learn how to stick with them to avoid burnout. If someone needs your assistance but you are overextended, learn to respectfully but firmly decline. If a social event is draining you out, don’t stay until you’re drained. Plan to leave early. Determine the level of socializing that energizes you without imbalancing you.

It is one way to protect your health, your sanity as well as your social relationships. To manage your hypersensitivity, you need to be attuned to just how much stimuli you can take at a go or in a day so that you can live optimally. Be careful not to overprotect your self too, but do things that are essential, that bring meaning, and are fun to you.


Physical exercise is key to reducing anxiety, and indeed for highly sensitive people. Any kind of exercise is good, and yoga is a great way to start. It will calm your mind and help channel out the stress from your system. Try other forms of exercise like HIIT, cycling, running or swimming to figure out what works best for you.

Be a one taskmaster.

Highly sensitive person are quickly overwhelmed when they have too much to do on their plate. While multitasking is the Holy Grail of productivity for most, for the HSP its a one-way ticket to frustration land. Since you are by nature susceptible to overload, avoid mental fragmentation by doing a task at a time. Eliminate all distractions and put your energies on it, and be the perfect one taskmaster.


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