Is Something Feeling Off? Four Signs You’re Dating a Narcissist


Relationships have their learning curve, but one, in particular, has a difficult one. This is a relationship with dating a narcissist. Even we should know about narcissist dating signs before change relationship status. Narcissism according to the U.S National Library of Medicine is an enduring pattern of grandiose belief in self and arrogant behavior, linked with an overwhelming need for admiration and topped with a lack of empathy. If you are dating someone whose character is off, and you want to know if they are a narcissist, here are four good telltale narcissist dating signs.

Imagines they are the exception to the rule

Narcissists tend to have an enhanced view of themselves, and according to research and unfortunately to the people around them, this improved view reflects on their ability to influence the world. Narcissists perceive themselves as extroverts yet arrogant but open and honest more than other people know them to be. They think they are more intelligent, attractive, charismatic therefore better leaders also more than other people know them to be.

They do not enhance their community values meaning they know that they are not fair, reliable, conscientious nor likable. It is these unfortunate traits that make narcissists think and behave like they are an exception to the rule. They love to get away with violating social norms and disregarding other peoples thoughts or personal space. This is the red flag you are looking for if your relationship feels off.

A person who oversteps and takes no remorse but pride in their misgivings is most undoubtedly narcissistic. Due to this trait, the narcissist will challenge authority and will get repulsed when asked to do a task. Unless the narcissist is in control, he will not be at peace.

Deceptive charm

Due to the trait mentioned above your narcissistic date does believe that they are unique. And because they are unique, they naturally can only hook up with exceptional people too. If you are dating a narcissist, you will be bombarded with comments and texts about how you are different from anyone else they have met, yet you know that they haven’t had the time to understand you yet. Some will quickly tell you how you are “the one,” how well you get them; generally, they will tell you everything you are be hoping to hear.

Well, your date could be superfluous with words, no one can blame a person for trying right? For a narcissist, though the charade fades pretty fast, and this is when something starts to feel really off to you. While real charm longs to make a good impression, a narcissist’s charm is a snare. All that magic happens because he wants it paid back. You are there to feed his narcissistic sensibilities. With time this veneer of charm will fade because you will realize that the narcissist has an image of you, that is not about you. The narcissists though charming will remain a stranger. Withholding his self, so all you know about him is superficial, has no depth emotion or warmth.

They are never wrong

Dating the right person is fun, not easy but fun. The difficulty in dating can be compounded when one person is always right. Narcissists do not do any wrong, so you find yourself taking up the flack for misdeeds that are not yours. Besides, continuously blame shifting a narcissist will swallow pins before they apologize for hurting you. They are never wrong remember?

In fact, your distress at their wicked ways may be a source of pleasure because again they mine it for that “I am special” fairy dust they cannot live without. Your despair will become a source of power to them. If you are beginning to feel emotionally unsafe and hypervigilant, it is the result of the tactics the narcissists has employed on your psyche. In the end, their goal is to ensure that you question your self-worth, which is how they get to feed off your vulnerability.

They have no real friends

Having social media clout is very different from having actual friends. Since narcissists live only for themselves and have no empathy, they build very loose soulless friendships. If your date has no real friends, it is likely that they treat people who they believe they have nothing to gain from most poorly. Arrogance is one telltale sign of a narcissist.


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