Self-Esteem Activities for Kids


In today’s fast-paced and competitive world, your kid’s confidence is continually being tested by one issue or the other. This is why self-esteem activities for kids that demand a belief in their abilities and strengths are significant.

Negative thoughts are a part of being human, but you should not allow their frequency and influence interfere with your child’s ability to live a healthy and happy life. Psychologists defined self-esteem as your child’s personal evolution of themselves. What do they think about themselves? If they have defeatists’ thoughts today, influencing their actions, they will probably grow up to display the same kind of thinking and action pattern in their adulthood.

A child with a healthy positive sense of self-esteem is more confident about his or her choices. One with negative self-esteem will most likely make negative life choices. And while their level of self-esteem activities for kids may not impact their academics directly, it will have either a positive or negative impact on their level of happiness and satisfaction.

Parental involvement holds the key to helping younger kids acquire healthy life skills. The simple act of encouraging them to take on challenges head-on and learn from failure dramatically enhances their self-regard. Offer guidance on these challenges but have the patience to not interfere with their learning process. Don’t offer them quick solutions to problems; instead, encourage alternative approaches to problem-solving.

Below are some self-esteem activities for kids, you as a parent or caretaker can employ to impact your child’s self-esteem positively.

  • Household chores
    The fear that your child will create more mess or get hurt might keep you from assigning them household chores to do. Allowing your child handle simple tasks like clean up their room, making their bed or laying the dinner table will develop their self-esteem. It will also instill good responsible behavior in them.
  • Developing their hobbies and interests
    From an early age, you will notice that your child has some activity they love to do without much persuasion from you. One will enjoy sports, while the other will take to painting like a fish on water. If your daughter, for example, is making a mess of your walls with her crayons, purchase some art materials to assist her in developing her innate talent. If they are into ballgames, let them join the little league. Praise them for the strides they take and watch them grow up into confident individuals.
  • Develop their decision-making skills
    Teach your child how to brainstorm possibilities and options. Talk to them and enable them to see different perspectives on various issues. You can do this by designing an open-ended challenge and let them try to figure out a few solutions. You can, for example, give them some art materials and ask them to a kite. As they experiment with different ways to build their kite and test it, they will begin to appreciate their ability to solve a problem.

Other ways of helping your child develop healthy self-esteem.

  • Teach them not fear their emotions, as they can be a little bit confusing. Help them express their feelings and share their feelings when upset so that they can understand themselves better. If they learn to do this, then they will not hesitate to come to you for support when they need it.
  • When you hear your child putting themselves or their abilities down, be quick to turn that self-criticism around. Praise them for persistence or effort and remind them that people learn to win through failure.
  • Learn to ask for your child’s opinion of events or happenings in their life. Ask them about their day, or their view of a book they just read. This will make them realize that their opinions do matter. More so, they will also learn to share their world with you.

You are your child’s anchor of security in a fast-changing and challenging world. Take your role as a guide to heart and assist your child come to terms with his sense of worth, their inner and outer life as well with these self-esteem activities for kids.


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