The Benefits of Singing Bowl Therapy


With its origin in Tibet, the singing bowl therapy represents a form of alternative medicine which involves listening to sounds that come out of the Tibetans singing bowls. The bowls, also known as Himalayan or singing bowls are believed to hone healing benefits which are transmitted through the vibrations and deep tones when played. The sound produced promote relaxation and are said to hold immense healing properties.

The use of the singing bowls is credited to the Buddhist monks who use the bowls for meditation. Others using the bowls include wellness practitioners like yoga therapists, music and massage therapists. The sounds from the bowls are characterized by undertones which change into undulating overtones gradually

How do the singing bowl therapies work?

While the use of sound for healing lies somewhere between the new-age medicine and actual science, it would appear that this therapy works for some people. How? Well, it is believed that the sound waves from the bowls produce ebbs and flows of energy in the body just as sounds would disrupt surface tension of liquids and other forms of matter. The use of sound for healing would also come from the fact that sound therapy has been used for ages as a method of healing.

Besides hearing sound vibrations of between 20 and 20,000 cycles in a second, human beings can perceive sound using the skin and even through bone conduction. We can also perceive sound by consuming it with the whole body or ingesting it. Hindus believe that all was once dark and very quiet until AUM, the first movement in the whole universe, hence the reference for AUM as the mother tone carrying all the other frequencies for all other sounds. It is a powerful element, and it can change and improve our lives.

In the scientific realm, it is believed that sound is powerful and it can cause immune, autonomic, endocrine as well as the neuropeptide systems. And, all atoms, molecules, cells, glands, and organs in the human body will produce and absorb sound. Science also notes that the entire human body and the brain waves vibrate continuously at 8 cycles per second when we are relaxed. As a result, these vibrations entrain and attune us to the earth’s basic magnetic field.

You also have light, which is believed to be visible sound. Light and sound affect our chakras when used in conjunction.

Chakras refer to the spinning wheels of energy and every human, as their inner core has seven spin-wheel-like energy centers. These chakras represent measurable patterns of the centers of perception, electromagnetic activity, centers for reception, and centers for the transmission of assimilation and the transmission of life’s energy. To be at peace, these chakras need to be in a state of cohesion. The chakras govern love, illumination, learning, and our lives. Therefore, the right sound vibrations could help unite the seven chakras increasing your awareness and wellbeing.

The vibrations of the singing bowl therapy help reduce stress by harmonizing cells and balancing the body’s energy system.

Uses of singing bowl therapy

  • Therapy for PTSD

The sound vibrations are therapeutic and help with post-traumatic stress disorder through the connection that the sound creates with the affected person’s heart resulting in complete healing.

  • The singing bowl therapy boosts brain power

By distinguishing the tones from the bowls, you can improve your memory as well as mental clarity. This results from the simple process of listening intently which results in increased blood flow to the brain.

  • Help with deep breathing and meditation

The singing bowls help during meditation and deep breathing. This is possible because the sound vibrations require concentration and they force you to focus. When dealing with rumination, obsessive or intrusive thoughts, this therapy will help you think about something other than the negative obsession. The sounds will also clear your head.

Other potential benefits of the singing bowl include;

  • Pain management through reduction of the systolic blood pressure and lowering of the heart rate.
  • The vibrations reduce stress and lower anxiety
  • It lowers anger and helps with aggression
  • It improves circulation while increasing blood pressure
  • It boosts emotional clarity
  • It stimulates the development of a healthy immune system, and it helps in the management of psoriasis and fibromyalgia
  • It enhances stillness, wellbeing, and happiness.

By creating harmony, sound therapy calms the internal vibrations between cells and in the process, it encourages self-healing.


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